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Types of walkers for aging people

Unfortunately the older we get the more our mobility can be affected. we don’t get around as well as we use to in some cases we can’t even stand up without having help or keep our balance. That is where we would need a good walker to help get around. But just deciding to buy a walker for yourself or for an elderly loved one isn’t that simple. Turns out there are several different types of walkers for the elderly on the market, some are quite simple while others are designed to be more sophisticated in their design providing things such as a seat and even a cup holder. In fact, these day’s there are even walkers that allow a person to stand upright while using it, as opposed to having to bend over, with this in mind let’s take a closer look at some of the various types of walkers out there for the elderly to use.

Basic folding Walker: the name says it all this one is made out of standard aluminum and folds up while not in use. It is also the most commonly used in hospitals and the most economical. The biggest drawback of this one is that it is stationary and a person has to lift it to move it along which doesn’t add too much ease of mobility which means it’s not too ideal for those who need help while walking along and is more for support purposes. All best walkers reviews onĀ http://walkers101.com/.

Bariatric Walker: Similiar to the basic walker but made for someone weighing over 300 pounds. this walker is made out of sturdier steel than the standard aluminum of the basic model.

Two wheel walker: This one is designed for those who want more ease of walking along with being aided by a walker. The wheels are located at the front of the walker and therefore glide along without having to ever be lifted off the floor to walk. Some of these models can have a fold up seat that is ideal while on the go.

Three wheel walker: Not see as commonly as the two above this one has to look of a triangle with two wheels is located in the back and one in the front. Due to the design, no room for a seat but this one does provide mobility as well and is for very active seniors who may just need a bit more support while moving along. Three wheeled walkers reviews by this link.

Four Wheel Walker; This one is commonly known as the rollator because of the way it easily moves along. But again this one is more designed for seniors who just need a bit of support while going along their day because it does require a person to guide it along and to keep it controlled.

Hemi Walker: Another walker that has the frame of a basic walker with one difference there is only one handle on it. This walker is designed to be used by those who need support on just one area of their body.