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Brizo faucet is a great addition to any kitchen design. Its premium water taps are well known for simple constuction and exceptional durability. The manufacturer implements the brand new technologies to meet even the most hard-to-please customers’ expectations. The Brizo company makes excellent plumbing that ideally combines high quality and contemporary style.

In this review you will find professional comparison of the highest rated Brizo kitchen faucets and learn real consumer experience. Let’s get started!

TOP Rated Brizo Kitchen Faucets 2018

Brizo Touch Faucet 64355LF-SSCO Vuelo With Smart Touch Technology And Pull Out Spray For Kitchen Sink

Brizo kitchen Faucet 64355LF-SSCO Vuelo with Smart Touch technology & pull-out spray head

The Brizo faucet Vuelo 64355LF-SSCO is a touch model with extraordinary features. This kitchen faucet has a high spout of about 9,7 inches with a reach of 10 inches. A SmartTouch system activates the tap with just a simple tip on its body while a magnetic dock draws the spray head in place when it is not used.

The Vuelo 64355LF-SSCO is made of brass and steel, which gives the guarantee of a long lifespan free from stains and corrosion.

In fact, the design is flawless in its sleek edges and ideal stainless steel finish.


Venuto 63070LF-SS Kitchen Faucet by Brizo With Magnedock Technology

Venuto 63070LF-SS kitchen faucet by Brizo with pull-down spray with Magnedock Technology

The Venuto 63070LF-SS touch kitchen faucet from Brizo has a high elegant spout which makes it easy to spray dishes and pots of all sizes. What is more, the spout rotates 360 degrees providing the most effective performance.

The kitchen tap comes equipped with one handle and a universal pull-down hose which has two flow functions. The model boasts a comfortable SmartTouch system for turning on/off water with just a simple touch to the spout, meantime 4-way handle is used to adjust the water flow and temperature when needed.


Brizo Artesso 63025LF-PC Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Brizo Artesso 63025LF-PC kitchen faucet with pull down spay head

The 63025LF model is a part of Artesso faucet line by Brizo. Its design was inspired by the 20th century plumbing style. A unique spout with a bright nickel finish makes this kitchen faucet really amazing. It should be highlighted that this tap is made of reliable metal which inhibits corrosion and other contaminations.

What is important the Brizo Artesso 63025LF-PC water faucet can be used by disabled people since it is ADA approved and meets California Green standards.

Many reviewers report that installation of Artesso 63025LF-PC is simple enough and does not require dedicated tools.

By the way this Brizo tap has the highest rating on Amazon 5 out of 5 stars!


Delta Brizo Kitchen Faucet 63225LF-SS Brilliance Artesso With Articulating Arm

Delta Brizo faucet 63225LF-SS Brilliance Artesso with articulating arm

The 63225LF-SS Brillance is more manual faucet than other Brizo models, however it is still fulfills all the tasks 100%. The kitchen faucet demostrates high performance allowing 1,8 gallons per minute.

The Brillance 63225LF-SS hose pipe is 23 inch long, so it can fill containers outside the washbasin. Furthermore, the spray head is pulled back to its place with a special magnetic system every time you stop using it.

This Delta Brizo faucet won a number of awards from consumers and was rated at 4,5 out of 5 points on Amazon.


Brizo 64020LF-PC Solna Faucet With Smart Touch And Multi-Functional Pull-Down Sprayer

Brizo faucet Solna 64020LF-PC with Smart Touch and multi functional pull-down spray head

The Solna kitchen faucet is solid manufactured with a pull-out sprayer. The spray head smoothly returns back to its place due to the force of a magnet. A high gooseneck-shaped spout swivels at 360 degrees, which makes every sink corner accessible. The spout has almost 9 inches height and more than 9 inches reach.

We would like to draw your attention that the Solna 64020LF-PC has a lifetime warranty as well as other Brizo kitchen faucets.


Kitchen Faucet Brizo Tresa 62536LF-RB With Side Spray, Venetian Bronze

Venetian bronze Brizo kitchen faucet Tresa 62536LF-RB with side spray

The Brizo 62536LF-RB Tresa faucet for kitchen has a unique imposing design. Its spout resembles waterfall meanwhile Venetian Bronze color adds some magic charm. Two handles and a sprayer make washing process easy and pleasant.

The size of the faucet is rather impressive, thus it is an ideal pick for big and deep sinks. The special ceramic disc valve provides a leak-free performance, which is also proved by a lifetime warranty.

Inspite of heavy weight (about 10 pounds), it is very easy to install.


Reasons To Choose Delta Brizo Faucets

If you think about Brizo brand, you are definitely a person with a fashion-forward attitude. The company’s designs are very innovative, but at the same time all the changes move towards water conservation and user-friendliness. The Brizo faucets are popular due to easy installation and powerful flow. You will never find a 1,5 gpm faucet with such a strong stream like Brizo has.

In addition, Brizo provides the widest range of finishes. Everyone will find a color to his liking – from matte white finish to cocoa bronze. There are both traditional and exclusive colors which will add style to your kitchen.

The DIAMOND™ Seal Technology provides a diamond covered valve instead of a traditional ceramic one. H2Okinetic Technology changes water thermal dynamics so that the flow becomes different in shape and velocity. Thus you have a higher, warmer and gentler spray using just 50% of water. The Brizo faucets will save money even in homes with high water pressure.

Moreover Brizo top management also aims to help children and people in need. The company was the first national sponsor of a program offered by St. Jude Children’s Hospital. The goal of the brand is “to improve not just rooms, but entire communities”.


How Much Does a Brizo Faucet Cost?

Brizo is a premium class brand and that definitely affects pricing policy. Almost all Brizo faucets cost more than $400. The lowest-priced Solna collection costs about $425. Such lines as Venuto, Artesso and Tal start from $500.

The faucet price depends on the finish desired. For example, the Artesso faucet with Venetian Bronze finish costs more than $700 on most platforms, whereas the stainless steel faucet of the same model retails for $200 less.

The most expensive is LitzeSmartTouch articulating faucet, which is equipped with an industrial handle. This model costs about $900 with a chrome finish. If one wishes some exclusive finishes, like Luxe Gold, the MRSP (Maximum Retail Selling Price) for this faucet reaches $1.300.


Final Thought

Brizo brand is a symbol of timeless elegance, reliability and functionality. Whether you are looking for a traditional faucet to upgrade your kitchen or you need something sophisticated and exclusive, Brizo will definitely meet all your needs.

Brizo Faucets
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