Essential Bathroom Safety Devices That Protect Seniors From Injury

Everyone uses the bathroom, but it can be a place that seniors are at risk of falling. Slippery surfaces and a general lack of items to hold onto are red flags for people that are unstable on their feet. Seniors need extra safety measures in their bathrooms to help them to be safe and confident. There are many bathroom safety accessories that can be easily installed and used to create a safer environment for the elderly.

Grab Bars– These are used to help seniors get in and out of the tub, shower or off of the toilet. These bars come in many different sizes and can be installed anywhere extra support is needed.

Tension Poles– Stretching from floor to ceiling these types of poles are meant to help seniors with balance support. Best handheld showerhead for the elderly reviews here.

Shower Chair– Standing for extended periods of time, especially on a wet surface, can be challenging. These chairs simply are placed in the shower or tub allowing the senior to safely bathe while sitting.

Bath Transfer Bench– Getting in and out of the tub can be a difficult task. A bath transfer bench is placed over the side of the bathtub. The senior can sit on the bench outside of the tub and then scoot in and out without fear of tripping or falling.

Non-Slip Mats– Slippery surfaces create fall hazards. Non-slip bath mats in and out of the shower area can prevent falls.

Non-Slip Treads– These treads are easily applied stickers that can be placed on the shower or tub floor in lieu of a rubber mat. They can also be placed on linoleum or tile.

Raised Toilet Seat– Stooping low to a standard toilet seat is hard on the knees and makes it much more difficult to stand up. The raised toilet seat allows the elderly do not have to stoop to sit or work to stand back up. Best raised toilet seats reviews on this website.

There are certain challenges that come with age. What was once easy likely became difficult. The bathroom is often an area where seniors are susceptible to falls due to the slippery surfaces and lack of support. Thankfully, there are ample bathroom safety accessories that can be easily installed and used. These devices range from grab bar to bath transfer chairs. Each device is an effective solution to making the bathroom a safer place for seniors.

Essential Bathroom Safety Devices That Protect Seniors From Injury
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