Kohler K-780-VS Cruette kitchen faucet review

Do you prefer a gooseneck design of your kitchen faucet? Do you want to own a faucet that can provide you with a superior level of performance, allowing you to complete almost any sink task that you might have during the day? If these needs are important to you, the Kohler Cruette pull-down kitchen faucet can help you to solve your problems affordably and quickly.


Kohler K-780-VS Cruette Review

The Kohler Cruette’s Features

The main feature that you will definitely adore after installing this faucet is that it offers rotation to full 360 degrees. Many top faucets today feature only an 180-degree rotation from side to side, thus limiting your ability to experience the pull-down feature. Thanks to its high arch design of a 16.75-inche height, you will be able to cope with any chore with extreme ease!

Have a look at some other features of this kitchen faucet that you can find below:

  • the faucet is equipped with a single forward facing lever performing the function of a control mechanism so that tempering water is extremely easy;
  • the spray head features a pause function additionally to the standard aerator and spray flow so that you do not waste water unnecessarily;
  • you get a maximum 2.5-inch deck clearance, which is thicker comparing to most other manufacturers’ offers.

The only issue that may cause some problems is the incorporated aerator, which restricts the output flow up to 1.8 GPM. In spite of not being noticed in most applications, it obviously means that filling big pots and other units will take longer than with other models.

The Kohler Cruette’s Advantages

The main advantage that you will find with this faucet is that the retraction mechanism performs pretty well. It is not spring loaded as some other models are. Thus, you will need to guide it manually back into place. This process is not actually a problem, especially if you get used to it. Moreover, lacking of a spring means that there is one less thing that can be broken due to consistent use.

There are also some other advantages to consider such as:

  • it is extremely easy to install using only a few basic tools and without the base plate;
  • this kitchen faucet is high enough to allow for extra space without creating additional splash problems;
  • it is extremely easy to clean this faucet – only a wipe down will be enough.

However, in hard water conditions, this faucet can leak at times according to some users’ reviews. It can also be observed in the control mechanisms and valves, which can build up a drip that does not go away. It is a rare problem, however, even with scale and can be filtered away.With lots of versatility and a 35-inch hose, the Kohler Cruette provides a pull-down kitchen faucet that you will find to be very useful. It has got one of our highest recommendations since it does at least one thing well: this faucet does exactly what it should do consistently.


Kohler K-780-VS Cruette Kitchen Faucet
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Kohler K-780-VS Cruette Kitchen Faucet