Delta 980T-SSSD-DST kitchen faucet review

Are you sick and tired of looking for an advanced and user-friendly faucet that is also sophisticated and elegant? Would you like to have a piece of modern technology in the kitchen so that your sink chores could be done quickly? Having purchased the Delta Pilar, you will get everything that you have ever wanted to have in a kitchen faucet due to the fusion of technology and nature that have gone into the design of this appliance. You have got three distinct finishes to choose from, features for preventing the spread of various bacteria, and it is all done in the classic gooseneck form.


Delta 980T-SSSD-DST Review

The Delta Pilar’s Features

The Delta Pilar can bring to your kitchen modern technology that will make your life easier. The main feature that you will notice in this faucet is the use of the Touch2O technology, which Delta has included into this model. If your hands are busy, but you need to get the water turned off, you need only to tap your faucet and the water will be stopped. If you need the flow of water started again, you need just tap the faucet once more! It is really that easy.

Moreover, this faucet has a wide range of other various helpful features that are worth considering:

  • the spray head is equipped with MagnaTite technology, thus when you are done, you should not have to worry that it will be dangling from the spout;
  • this model has an industry standard flow rate of 2.2 GPM;
  • the solid construction made of metal weighs seven pounds so that you will get a sturdy faucet whatever the installation point is.

Thanks to the limited lifetime warranty of its quality and craftsmanship that includes the finish, this faucet is a decent investment that is protected as well. Thanks to the combination of all these features, Delta has designed a faucet that is extremely easy and fun to use and provides a guarantee of a long lifetime.

The Delta Pilar’s Advantages

The main advantage that you have with this kitchen faucet is the excellent sealing technology, which is used in the valves of the fixture. It ensures that it has the strongest performance without leaking that you can find in the field right now. If you install it correctly, it will comply with ADA requirements. You will need four size C batteries to benefit from all of its features, but that is a small price for the versatility and comfort that you will receive.

In addition, you will get all these advantages as well:

  • its hose is 62 inches long, so you can easily perform any task that you might have;
  • the spout features a rotation of 360 degrees for further enhancing your ability to do your kitchen chores;
  • the spray head can be cleaned easily and proactively and works preventing scale and mineral build-up.

However, the touch technology can be a kind of a pain, in spite of being nice to have. If you splash warm water on the faucet, it may turn off sometimes. If there is a water leak into the battery compartment, you have got a mess all around and on your hands. Besides this issue, this faucet looks great and still offers a smooth performance. You will definitely enjoy your experience while using this kitchen faucet.


Delta 980T-SSSD-DST Pilar Kitchen Faucet
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Delta 980T-SSSD-DST Pilar Kitchen Faucet